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        June 2017

When Ascension Symptoms Get Intense...

We’ve all heard about them and have had them – ascension symptoms. Things like being light headed, vertigo, and ringing in the ears are classic symptoms related to ascension, along with being spacy and /or forgetful.

Digestive issues are also hugely common as we clear out our density to allow light downloads to integrate within us. Density can be released through the GI track, causing disturbances along the way. Further, as we hold more light, we become more sensitive to unhealthy foods and chemicals in food, water, or air. These can cause distress to our digestive processes.

Spinal misalignments and pain are also related to ascension symptoms, as the spine represents being in alignment with your higher self, life, God, and the Universe. If we have not completed our inner transformation work over the years, pain will typically show up in the spine as a reminder to attain full alignment.

And don’t underestimate your body’s need for rest as it assimilates to the higher vibrating light. Your energy levels, need for rest, and sleep patterns might be altered by this process.

Intensity of Symptoms

Ascension symptoms come and go, they do not stay with us forever. So the best course of action is to acknowledge and allow them to do what is needed when they appear.

However, sometimes the intensity builds. When the symptoms ramp up or do not end for days or maybe weeks, it can become scary.

There is a point for everyone during their spiritual growth journey when their inner-self becomes fearful of changing further. Our inner-self, the inside of you, is made of 4 parts: body (unconscious self), emotion (subconscious self), mind (conscious self), and spirit (superconscious self).

When you are on the journey of eliminating and transforming negative emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and habits - the inside of you will most likely react with fear at some point of the journey.

This work is different from that of transforming your wounded inner child and your controlling ego. In part, this is something that occurs outside of you – new energies coming into the present that vibrate higher. Often these can trigger a fear response from some or many aspects of you, as you learn to interact with the new energies.

Other signs of intense symptoms are issues with memory, re-doing everyday tasks due to mistakes, and even struggling with your standard routines without feeling exhausted or stressed.

Understand that everything is okay – but changes in your perspective and your habits may need to take place.

It is important to adjust.

When we experience these symptoms in a prolonged or intense way, our first reaction might be to fight them and force ourselves to maintain our same routine, lifestyle, and habits. There is a better option! When we adjust and accept the changes we will embody a more free-flowing allowing energy. Although our responsibilities remain, here are some adjustments that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

    • Do less and pace yourself with some space in between planned appointments for unexpected happenings that now (with available time) you can handle with grace
    • Allow time for 10-20 minute rests during the day. Whether you sit outside in the fresh air or close your eyes for a few minutes where you are – it will give you a sense of grounding and stress relief.
    • Honor healthy changes in your eating habits. Your body may guide you to eat smaller portions, but more frequently – like 4-5 healthy snacks a day versus full meals.
    • Tune in and meditate with your true spiritual self frequently. Spiritual guidance and insights are important at this time.
    • Ground with the earth as much as possible for at least 10 minutes a day and preferably at least 2-3 times a day. The earth is holding the higher vibration, so earth connections naturally helps you to adjust and align.
    • Know that all is in Divine Order.

The most important aspect is to pace yourself. Let go of multitasking, other’s expectations, and slow down. Allow yourself to be you – the true you. Do simple tasks one at a time and be okay with doing less.

The ascension energies are powerful, but you will find that they can be managed much easier when you operate in this manner. You are in control when you adjust to the changing vibrations. When you try to continue with how you are used to being, agitation usually sets in. Stop and allow.

Importantly, turn inside and talk to your body and your humanness that is hanging on for dear life to how things used to be. Help these aspects of yourself understand the benefits of changing, guiding them to move along with you. Take the time to calm them/you down. Soften and be gentle with yourself on this journey. Feel the safety, the peace, and the knowing that all is well because it is.

New and different are not bad, they are just new and different.

It is part of life to evolve and change. It is safe to evolve and change. I am safe in my Ascension journey.

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