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        June 2016

How to Trust & Use Guidance from Heart Meditations

It is thrilling and rewarding to connect with your spiritual self – something that can be achieved by utilizing heart meditations. As your heart meditation process unfolds, you learn how to best interpret what you are experiencing and how to understand the unique language of your heart and soul. The gifts of this process include personal insights, guidance, and inspiration.

Yet, it can often be difficult to trust and use the guidance you receive - because living in this manner is a new way to operate, so it feels like the unknown. It can be hard to trust the unknown, but the truth is that life is an unknown. Everyone trusts that tomorrow morning they will wake up, that a relationship will continue, or that a job will be permanent. These are beliefs - but they are also all unknowns.

It has become popularly accepted to think through a problem - to trust using your mind for guidance, but that isn’t the only source of guidance available. Your mind only understands the perspective of your personal experience and learned knowledge. The wisdom from your heart and soul offers a broader view – a bird’s eye view. This guidance encompasses what you have learned, felt, and spiritually understand. It also offers universal insights and perspectives that you may not have yet experienced. The wisdom from your heart, therefore, offers possibilities unavailable from your mind, making it a much deeper well of knowledge.

Besides the fear of the unknown there are two possible obstacles that you could encounter while using guidance received from your heart:

1. Opposition from family and friends – especially common if the choice is outside of the norm or what most would consider logical. Just as it takes practice to listen to your inner voice, it also takes practice to trust that the wisdom you receive is the best choice at any given moment.

2. Opposition from within – struggling with old habit ways of being. This inner opposition originates from the ego by manifesting as a fear, worry, or doubt. It is best to courageously acknowledge that those fears exist, and then move forward in spite of them.

Obstacles like these can block your desire to implement the knowledge gleaned from a meditation with your heart. To begin trusting your guidance despite fears and opposition, it is beneficial to start small! Start by trusting the guidance that you receive when it relates to small decisions. When you experience this guidance in action, it helps to quickly build confidence to be able to take the leaps of trust required for larger decisions. It creates experienced based knowing that the guidance received is true and is in your best interest to act on.

In order to trust the guidance from a heart meditation, expect the process to take practice. Most everything from walking, riding a bike, to using a computer takes practice. All skills take time to grow and develop through practice – just as operating with trust does. Practice aids your ability to act on the guidance you receive from the wisdom of your heart without worry or doubt interfering.

If worries or doubts begin to rise up, a simple process of breathing out your fears and worries, and then immediately moving forward with trust and courage before second guessing sets in - is very helpful.

Each time this process is practiced, your ability to trust and use guidance from your heart meditations strengthens. This makes the next time an easier experience, and soon living with trust will be your ongoing way of being!

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