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        June 2015

Going with the Flow with Discernment

I originally embraced going with the flow as just that - totally allowing myself to be moved from one place or person to the next. Then I learned how discernment is equally as important as going with the flow – and that pairing the two leads to a balanced way of moving through life.

When should you go with the flow? When should you insert discernment and choice?

Many on spiritual paths propose going with the flow of life - and so do I. However, when that is your only approach, you are not co-creating your life or carefully considering who and what you want to be a part of it. Personal boundaries fueled by our personal choices are very important to a balanced and successful life. We can send love and compassion freely to others, but we do not necessarily need to be someone’s best friend when they drain our energy.

Trying to control our lives inhibits our ability to be fully present and receive God’s gifts. Discernment is a tool to help you choose what is best for you, without trying to control things that are not yours to change. It offers the perfect balance with going with the flow.

If we live in the flow without discernment, it can lead to an unfocused, unfulfilling, and unhappy journey. If you find yourself seeming to wander from one moment to another, never moving forward, it’s time to turn to discernment. It may seem easier to live this way - not taking responsibility for what you create or choose to experience, but it can be very unsatisfying. Spiritually we are called to be empowered and create our reality, not wander from moment to moment.

Part of this balanced approach includes letting God and the Universe know your desires and intentions to create a direction for your life. It is best to source this direction while in alignment with your own true spiritual self in a meditation state. It is equally important to express your intentions for what you desire and deserve from your heart and from the knowledge of who you really are, a divine spiritual being. Then, let go of your need to control. Go with the flow, allowing God to bring you the desires you have co-created, while using discernment throughout the process.

Be true to your intentions, to your desires, and to what you’re attracting/manifesting. If someone or something shows up in the flow of your life related to your journey, take the time to discern. Discern with your heart felt wisdom if this is really the right fit for you. Even if something or someone appears beneficial, ask probing questions to make sure. Do their goals match with yours? Is investing in a new business, personal relationship, or trusting their input the right move forward for you?

If you discern that the situation presented is close to your intentions, but just off the mark – thank God and the Universe for bringing this opportunity to you and rework your intentions with further clarity. Trust and use your discernment.

Don’t become stuck in trying to make something ‘close’ work. Hoping that the situation or person will change because it is the best option you have experienced so far, isn’t the answer. Don’t settle for less. You are worthy of having the full knowledge within you that your choices are the best ones for you in each moment.

Life brings us red flags all day long and part of going with the flow is fully observing your life. Use this information to help you discern - to help you to choose.

Remember your journey – why you are here in this human existence - to know your true authentic spiritual self (not your human ego emotional self). Once we acknowledge who we are, honor your unique self by not settling for less or trying to make a draining situation work. Have the courage to act on your heart knowing to move into situations and relationships that support you – the expanded you, fully.

Go with the flow, but do it with discernment. A discernment based on knowing who you are, what you stand for, and what is important to you. You are worthy and deserving to be true to your unique self!

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