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        June 2014

Spiritual Ascension in a Toxic World

Spiritually everyone wants to ascend to the highest level.  In order to get there, we have to recognize the blockages that hold us back and know how to stay healthy in our increasingly toxic environment. Neither are easy to accomplish, but with the proper tools and guidance you can carve a path to spiritual ascension.  

The primary factor that prevents us from attaining spiritual growth is ourselves. We can be greatly hindered by our ego-based, habit way of being along with the density from negative thoughts, emotions, and patterns.  Unresolved emotional density in the cells of our body and in our subconscious prevents lighter energies (love, light, peace, and joy) from being an ongoing part of our existence. Yet, to achieve full spiritual growth and to attain ascension, we have to become one with the higher vibrating energies of love, peace, joy, and light.

To achieve a higher vibratory state, intimate inner-work must happen to locate and transmute the hindering habits, patterns, and density.  Assistance from a professional healing facilitator is highly recommended.  There is absolutely no way to ascend to your full spiritual potential without this important work.

One of my spiritual healing partners, St Germain, says that ‘spiritual ascension requires an ongoing commitment to transmute our own buried, unresolved density from this and other lifetimes’. Not only is this the path to spiritual ascension, but it is the path of spectacular health and anti-aging benefits. In my own life, I used this process to heal my diagnosis of breast cancer without medical intervention, and have helped many others overcome their health issues.

Committing to an ongoing practice of transmuting your density, including mastering your thoughts and emotions, is needed for spiritual ascension. It is a conscious choice that requires commitment. However, even when we are fully committed to embracing higher vibrating energies there can be limiting forces inhibiting our path. The biggest limitation is our toxic environment; the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the liquids we drink. These toxins can affect  our ability to keep ourselves within  the higher vibrational energies.

How can we combat a toxic environment and prevent it from interfering with our ascension?

As we experience higher vibrations, foods that have long been a part of our diet may begin to affect us differently.  A newfound intolerance for gluten or wheat and an increased inability to process sugar are common for those on this path.  It is hard for higher vibrating energies to co-exist with the heaviness and agitation of these foods, so it is best to eliminate them from our diets.

The same is true of lower vibrating acidic foods, like meat and dairy.  To assist with holding onto higher vibrations and to maintain our health - focus on eating vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, and healthy grains (quinoa, millet, and brown rice).  Add trace minerals and foods that are high in electrolytes like coconut water to further boost our vibratory state.  All of these foods encourage both spiritual and physical health.

We can further support our ascension by eating seaweed and miso.  Varieties of seaweed, including kelp and spirulina, as well as miso help counteract and release toxins like radiation.

Consciously hold onto or become the energies of love, peace, and joy to powerfully combat environmental toxins.  Serious environmental toxins, like radiation, nuclear fall-out, and food contamination, can be more easily addressed when we are holding onto a higher frequency.  The vibration of love is the highest energy frequency and has the ability to offset the vibration of nearly anything else. It takes commitment, practice, and mastery to hold onto and become the energy of love each day -  but it brings amazing health benefits including a sense of peace and balance.

Spiritual ascension is achieved when we eliminate and transform the toxins inside of us (our thoughts and emotions) and the toxins from our environment (food, water, and air). Consciously replacing them with higher vibrating thoughts, emotions, food, and water maintains the desired vibratory level each and every day - propelling you towards maximum spiritual growth.

Contact Alice to learn how she can help you master this topic - or transform other health, emotion, and spiritual issues.  Free consultations are offered to all new clients to learn how Alice's work is directly tailored to address your areas of concern. Don't wait - step onto your Healing Path today!

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