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June 2012

Is Your Ego Running the Show?

 Are you open to outside opinions, insights, and input?  Or are you guilty of cutting the conversation short, unable to hear the advice that was freely given?

It may start innocently.  Someone offers a friendly suggestion that could be helpful, but before they even completed their thought you interject with phrases like, ďOh I already know that.  I already read that book.  I already started that work.Ē

This type of communication creates walls between people, preventing sharing from taking place.  Not only could you be missing an insight to guide your current journey, but you are closing yourself off from future insights.  When you communicate in this manner, you are missing opportunities to receive gifts.  

If this behavior is a pattern for you, you are letting your ego run the show.  It signifies that work needs to be done to wind down, disconnect, and dismantle your ego, because no one knows all that they need to know.

Do you struggle with being able to relax and openly listen to anotherís input?  Do you feel you must defend your position, becoming agitated and defensive?  Do you feel that you have to prove how you already know all that you need to know?  This is the time to think to yourself, ĎRed flag.í  Take a deep breath and reevaluate your reaction.  You are likely missing an important opportunity for growth, inspiration, or even validation.

We have all been in a place where we donít listen and hear.  Why?  It is safer for our egos.  This perspective is harmful to our growth, as no one ever knows all that they need to know.  Moreover, it the egoís doing that makes you think this is so, but it is never the real truth.

When you can truly relax and be comfortable with who you are, it is easier to accept feedback, input, and new ideas.  You will even come to appreciate them as helpful and insightful!  If you already had that insight but are now hearing it from another, be grateful for the validation that you are on the right path.

God does communicate with us through other people.  It is important to allow otherís to express themselves, to pay attention to what they are saying, and be open.  Be thankful for their insights and support.  Even if you donít share the same point of view, take in the moment as someone cares enough to offer advice.  They are trying to help you.  Acknowledge them with love and gratitude.

When in conversations, shift your focus from yourself to the other person.  Be in the moment with the person and really listen.  Allow yourself to be humble, taking control from your ego self, and new gifts will appear.  When the walls come down and you are open to otherís advice, you become a wiser person, a person who is comfortable in their own skin, a person who does not need to prove that they know any thing!

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