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         June 2010

Let Go & Let God

If you are like most people, the thought of turning over something to God is scary. You might struggle with the need to be in control, and the idea of letting go is worrisome and creates unknowns.

Then the day comes when all the inner work you have done pays off. You reach the point of being able to say: “Yes!  This is what I have been building up to.  I think I can finally do it; I am ready to relinquish control!”

Congratulations, you have reached a milestone! Rest assured that God is ready to help, and has been waiting for you to reach this new way of being.

Let me remind you, however, that you still have a role in solving your problems. Releasing them to God does not mean that you are able to let go of your earthly obligations.  It is important that you do your part in this earthly plane, and it will even help God, help you.

Let us look at an example: You decide to start a new business. God cannot get your business cards made, get the signage on the street for your storefront, or build a web site for you. You need to do these things. Once you complete the needed groundwork, set your intentions that your business is successful. Then let it go and let God. Letting it go means you do not worry about how it will occur or when. You just hold onto the thought that it will.

God helps those who help themselves; and this too is a fine line.

If you are helping yourself through trying to control everything, you could be headed for a disaster. When you won’t relinquish control you are preventing the energetic space for God and the Universe to enter and assist you.  Why? Because you are clogging it up with all of your controlling energies, blocking all opportunities for something new to enter.

Simply put: Do your part without over controlling, and then release it. Let go and let God.

Continuing with our example, God needs help to direct people to you. This will be difficult if you have done nothing to let yourself be found. At the same time, if you sit all day, everyday, at your computer trying to make people respond to you, you are energetically blocking a breath of God’s fresh air from flowing into you. Why? You are trying to make things happen by pushing and trying. Allowing is a better energy to hold onto.

It is a co-creation process. God and you together. If you totally leave God out and take over it probably won’t work for the long term. If you do nothing and ask God to take over, it will probably not work out. Balance – all relationships work best with balance. So, do the responsible thing in this earthly plane to help God manifest for you, and then release it. I know you will like the result.

Living this way means finding the right balance, and once you do, you will find that everything works with ease!  Once you find your groove in the co-creation process, it becomes easier, as it is now your way of being. It is a lighter, brighter, and less stressful way of being where you no longer have to do everything yourself. Let Go & Let God!

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