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        July 2017

Evening - It has a special purpose if we allow it.

Why is the evening time so compelling? The late sun in the sky, birds chirping before bedtime, and then, quiet settles over the land. All the noises lessen – both human noises and nature noises. The breeze is subtle – slightly moving a branch or two in the landscape. Nothing is hurried, nothing is fast, and all is relaxed and slow.

Feels like a calm energy of letting go, so I can just be. My day is over.

The sun is still bright as it settles downward, but the air temperature is already cooler. The feelings of evening time.

Evening time means I can regroup, resettle, and integrate the day. Evening time means I can relax and restore for tomorrow, while connecting with the rhythm of the earth.

As I look at the silent movement of one branch on one tree, the rest of the landscape settles in. I realize that this is nature’s way of integrating their day before sleep.

Do you take the time to review and process your day? Each day? If you did, what would you discover?

When I do, my body and sacred self wants more downtime – more slow time for reflection and integration.

Review of your day can happen for you when just show up for it, simply by sitting still. This is especially true when you are in a harmonious environment.

If we allow each day to end in this way, even by taking a few moments, we will be light years ahead in our personal growth. When we take time to reflect and integrate, nothing is spiritually or energetically unfinished. Nothing will be left behind at the close of the day to build up inside of us. This is huge, as the build-up of emotions and fears would not occur within us because we are addressing them every day. At some point, we all have to address our lingering fears and emotions, and daily reflection means intensive work will be less likely needed to undo them.

Kiva (my little Yorkshire terrier) and I love our evening times. In fact, he herds me into my favorite chair if I do not settle down in the evening. He wants me to honor this evening routine and does not understand why I might still be busy. His daily reminder has been very helpful to me, to slow down in the evening.

There is a feeling that the active part of the day is ending as the sun’s light fades below the horizon. And, if we allow it, this allows each of us to relax, let go, and just be.

Now you might ask what if my day ends at 11pm or 7am? Not everyone’s day ends in the evening, but the same principles apply. No matter what time you end the active part of your day, allow yourself a few moments to review and process. Allow yourself to relax, unwind, and just be. Allow yourself to be in that special place between activity and sleep, whatever your schedule is.

This special time is important to your health and peace of mind. Why not consciously incorporate it into your life’s routine?

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