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        July 2016

Boredom - Why You Should Embrace It!

Let's face it, no one likes to be bored - I know I don't.

Most say, "How can you be bored? There is so much to do!" But being bored has many facets. It can present itself because of the repetition of your routines, the tasks that you complete on auto-pilot, or when you lack the energy to find meaningful stimulation after a long day.

Boredom can also mean we reach for unhealthy coping mechanisms like eating, smoking, or zoning out in some type of entertainment for prolonged stretches.

We have all experienced boredom and when we do, it can make us feel impatient with others, irritated, antsy, or agitated. These are not great feelings, so we often will change our plans or otherwise let them affect our lives when they arise. Perhaps, one of the most common reactions to boredom is to attempt to multitask, which can often lead to mistakes and further frustration. We all develop strategies, even unconscious ones, to help us avoid boredom – and these strategies become so hardwired that they are difficult to change. Unfortunately, these strategies aren’t always helpful and healthy.

Psychologists feel that emotions should evolve for our benefit. The very fact that boredom is so common suggests that it could be a signal for something else. This raises the question: What does boredom achieve?

Perhaps curiosity is one answer. Boredom usually appears as we are doing the same old things, and maybe it is trying to push us to try new things, seek new goals, explore new territories, or ponder new ideas. Boredom can be a signal that it is time for innovation.

However, it is important that our search for an escape from boredom doesn’t lead us to unhealthy behaviors as a solution to break the tedium. Spiritually and emotionally, when we avoid boredom instead of seeking to understand it, it is a type of fear. Fear is detrimental to our spiritual journey in all of its forms, so this becomes an opportunity to address the negative reason or belief that is leading us to avoidance.

What if we embraced boredom to see what happens? This path leads to learning more about our inner selves, finding a new burst of creativity, and being at peace with the message that boredom is trying to convey.

One thing is certain, we should hesitate if we are looking for an immediate escape from boredom. Instead, listen to the emotion or belief that is driving these feelings and what they are trying to convey.

In our world of advanced technology - smart phones, tablets, TVs, and computers – we further perpetrate the avoidance of boredom both for ourselves and the next generation. This idea is introduced to children when they are very young, as we have endless tools to keep them occupied at a moment’s notice. This teaches that constant stimulation is ‘normal’, and enforces the idea of avoiding boredom.

Even if these technologies came to us later in life, it is easy to slowly let them become a problem – and a tool that lets us brainlessly avoid boredom. Technology should be a helpful tool for us stay connected and productive in our daily lives – it shouldn’t always be the first thing we reach for when feelings of boredom begin to set in.

When we don’t explore feelings of boredom, we are doing a disservice to our personal and spiritual growth. Feeling bored here and there as you meet life’s obligations is normal, but when feelings of boredom become more prevalent - it might be a symptom of a bigger issue. If questions like ‘Why am I really here?’ and ‘Do I belong?’, are paired with your feelings of boredom, this is an expression of a deep hole within you that yearns for fulfillment. This is a much deeper issue than a few fleeting moments of boredom and the surface activities we seek to escape it.

When boredom appears, take a few minutes to be introspective: What does it actually mean when I feel bored? What does this energy represent? What needs to be transformed to assist me in finding the balance point in my life regardless of what goes on around me? What is boredom pushing me to change, to become, or to evolve into?

The answers may surprise you, and can lead you to new paths and new answers. Simply, it is important not to fall into the habit of masking boredom. Instead interact with it, so it becomes a powerful tool for your personal growth!

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