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        July 2008

The Art of Doing Nothing

It occurred to me recently that 'doing nothing' is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.

Many of us were brought up with sayings like 'idle minds and idle hands are the devils playground,' but have we even questioned if it is true?

We have all experienced that being productive is recognized and applauded, by those around us. Having a focused and strong work ethic is viewed as the top compliment you can give someone in the working world. Doing for others is touted as important and honorable.

Have you ever heard someone talking about the benefits of doing nothing? Have you ever just hung out with yourself and the world that surrounds you?  I would like to invite each of you to try it.  Let yourself just be – doing nothing and thinking nothing – it will be a memorable experience.

Let’s try sitting outside in Nature on a beautiful day…..

As you allow yourself to be idle – mind and body – a sense of relief and joy starts to wash over you and within you. You start to notice things that you didn’t tune into before like the lady bug sitting in the sun on a nearby leaf. You hear the birds, but differently. This time you hear each bird’s distinct and unique song, and the energy of their singing fills your ears.

Instead of seeing a butterfly, you actually watch it as it goes from plant to plant looking for its desired nectar.

You allow yourself to close your eyes and feel the sun’s heat permeate your skin – actually feeling the healing restoration in your cells. 
You feel deep peace in your heart as the breeze relaxes your face and body.  

You allow yourself to smile even though you are alone and nothing is happening.

You sigh. You feel your breath go to your lower diaphragm, calming you further. And suddenly the realization occurs that you have not had one single thought since you got here. How delightful to be idle mind!

The heavy drone of the cricket confirms how you feel – heavy in another space, another place – the place between inner and outer. A place where something special occurs - today that something special is being totally relaxed and idle.

When you leave this state of being, notice how you feel. Do you feel relaxed, centered, and balanced? Has your perspective on the world around you been altered for the better? Are you thinking, ‘The past 10 minutes were better for me than most things that I do in my life. How amazing!'

My friend, you have just experienced the practice of 'doing nothing'. You have felt the benefits. Why not take 10 minutes everyday to be truly idle of mind and body. Your whole being will thank you!

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