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        January 2017

Inspiration for Moving Forward - A Great Way to Start 2017

Have you been up early in the morning, as it is still dark when the light comes across the sky? When I sit and watch the light slowly unfolding and expanding, it always brings feelings of renewed hope into my being, heart, and soul. The same feelings radiate for the Earth.

As a new day blooms, the past becomes the past and this moment represents a new beginning. This is a chance for a new start, new insights, new vigor, new purpose, and new directions.

These early morning experiences always propel me into my best and highest self. It is the vantage point from where you can understand how you can heal, overcome, help, and transform all that is. It creates a feeling of empowerment. It firmly expresses an understanding of who you are and how to continue making a difference for yourself, your family, and the world.

There are many aspects of you - one of them is your internal belief system. If the beliefs you hold, especially those about yourself are not positive they can get you down, make you doubt yourself, or stop you in your tracks. These beliefs are not the real you!

The real authentic you - your spiritual self - is awesome and incredible. Your authentic self agreed to be here, to transcend your negative beliefs, to rise above human turmoil and habits. You also agreed to contribute to the task of bringing humanity into a higher level of consciousness - one that is devoid of greed and power over others; one where ego, pride, and vanity don’t exist. This consciousness is based on the wisdom and heartfelt knowledge of who we really are as divine, spiritual beings.

When you feel it is time to transcend your negative beliefs and to rise above human habits - take an inventory of the beliefs you are holding onto about yourself and life that could be limiting you. Every journey starts with inner work.

Once acknowledged, start releasing those beliefs and replacing them with new ways of being. Allow your true, divine self to shine forth with calmness, humility, and compassion. Enjoy the process. Let it take shape. This process will become your new way of living and being. Be patient as it can take several years, but every day that passes you will feel and know what a big difference letting go of old beliefs makes. Every day you will feel empowered, like the dawn of a new day shining on your life.

My journey took time - years, and it is likely yours will as well. Slowly, it becomes a way of life, a way to get in touch with what is inside of me and release that which no longer serves me.

As I watch the light of this new day spread across the sky, I receive in my heart, "It is time for you to step out on your path more fully." I know this is right. I allow this knowing to become part of me. It is time. I feel this. I know this. I am ready. I allow the dawn of this new day to propel me forward and invite you to do the same.

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