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        January 2014

Embracing the New!
Starry Night – But it is Daytime!

Have you ever seen it snow while the sun is out?  I had not until last year. 

The sun had risen as soft, small snowflakes fell lightly and delicately to the ground.  It was amazing.  It looked and felt like a bunch of little fairies.  The flakes seemed to have their own energy as they moved about the air like snow covered flying insects.

Even though it was day, it felt like night.  Yes, the sky seemed like a starry night filled with the energy of many stars – only it was the daytime.  It was truly magical.  If it can snow in the sunshine of the day, then anything can happen. 

It is a moment that I like to energetically recall and connect with.  I see and feel the commingling of opposites - the warmth of the sun that coexists with the cold of the snow.  Yes, anything is possible.

In my heart, I know that as we move forward in this life, we cannot expect everything to stay the same.  We have already experienced global changes, and our reaction to them can be as important as the changes themselves.  Often, one’s first reaction to experiencing something different is to fight it – to reject the change.  We want to maintain what is familiar.  We wait, hopeful that the old regular pattern will return.  In reality, perhaps it never will.

I propose another path - embrace the differences.  Embrace the new, allowing you to be one with the changes. 

This sunny snow experience also represents a balancing of energies - the cold with the warm, the snow with the sun, and the individual energy of each flake being like a star at night but occurring during the day. 

Perhaps we have moved too far to one side – the side of self-absorption.  Something needs to occur to get us back in balance, an inspiring event like the wet cold snow in the sunshine.  Embracing these events as the appear in your life present opportunities to invite balance into your being.  It places a focus on being cognizant of the larger universe and the needs of those around you.  Be open to it and allow it to gently overtake the narrow focus of your thoughts.

Everything continually evolves.  We are constantly moving towards a new level of understanding and being.  Remember from our history lessons how there was a time when everyone thought the planet was flat?  The people who first said it was round were seen as rebels and were rejected.  During this period, the people in Europe also thought there was no life or civilization past the great ocean.  Now, we all know that the earth is round and are familiar with the many continents and civilizations across the planet.

We are still moving forward.  We are starting to understand the reality of life elsewhere in the universe.  Earth is not all there is.  We are starting to understand the holistic way that God made us – knowing that we are more than just our body.  We are starting to understand that our actions and thoughts affect not only us, but others as well as the planet itself.

I have decided to stop fighting change or ignoring it.  If Inspired to do so, I simply embrace it – bringing it into my life.  This action allows me to evolve in some amazing ways; ways which would not be open for me if I stayed in the same routine, thought pattern, association, or location. 

Instead of thinking that people who have new ideas are rebels, try having an open mind.  Be open to all wisdom.  Operate from a place of wholeness with others, the planet, and the universe.  Most importantly be open to enjoying the experience of something different. 

Snow in the sunshine – how absolutely delicious.

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