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        January 2012

Read This Before You Give Up on Your Spiritual Practice

I know it is good for me. I read about it, listen to spiritual leaders, and know the benefits, but I cannot seem to make time for meditation or inner work. For some reason it never ends up being a priority in my life, despite my good intentions.”

It is a thought I often hear from spiritually aware people, those who can articulately express the benefits of a personal spiritual practice.

A practice of meditation and using a meditative state for deep inner work provides an alignment with your higher guidance. When you are connected to your higher guidance it is easier to understand what you agreed to accomplish and learn in this lifetime, what your life purpose is, and how to make the best possible choices to stay on that path.

So when one understands, or even has experienced, the benefits, why is it so difficult to incorporate a spiritual practice into our routines?

On some level, the answer is life. We allow life and the pressures of it, whatever they may be, to take over. When we decide to commit to a spiritual practice, we need to make room for it our lives. Just 20-30 minutes twice a week for personal meditation and reflection is all that is needed to launch a spiritual practice.

When a personal commitment is paired with discipline, a routine is formed. When someone wants to loose weight, they must become self-disciplined and be committed to eating healthier and/or exercising more. If someone wants to be certified in a certain field, they must be disciplined to study and practice so they can excel. In order for the change you want to be able to happen, you first have to make changes. It is the same when instituting a personal spiritual practice.

Why do I refer to spiritual work as a practice? Mastery of any field involves a commitment and the discipline for continual practice - to just show up and practice, for practice’s sake. Changing the focus from, “I am doing this only to learn or achieve something in this moment,” to “I am doing this to practice for practice sake, because I know it is good for me long-term,” might help reinvigorate your desire to routinely participate in a spiritual practice.

So let’s be blunt: Spiritual work is work - meaning it takes time and personal focus. Like anything that requires practice, it is sometimes not easy or immediately gratifying, but it is always rewarding, inspiring, enlightening, and propels you forward.

Commit to a spiritual practice, be disciplined about maintaining it, and amazing things will happen. Pretty soon you will be so hooked on your spiritual routine that you couldn’t imagine giving it up or living without it.

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