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        February 2018

The Missing Piece to Manifesting Your Desires:
Operating with Synchronicity

There are times when we are focused on manifesting our desires: We clearly create and set our intentions in spiritual alignment. We’ve transformed our limiting beliefs and fears. And still nothing seems to be happening – we don’t see signs of what we intended occurring. What is going on?

Two possibilities are:
    • Patience and allowing. Are you giving the Universe time to bring forward what you desire? The void is often part of the process and is a master’s journey to be okay with waiting, knowing that all transpires at the right time.
    • Synchronicity. Are you really paying attention to synchronicity? Are you seeing it for what it is or choosing to brush it off for any number of human reasons?

I have discussed patience and the void before, this article is about the importance of operating with synchronicity.

What is synchronicity?
Synchronicity is a noun, defined as: “The experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, yet are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful way.”

If you look at the manifestation process as steps, synchronicity is a key part.
    1. Transform all limiting beliefs that could hinder your intention.
    2. Clearly set your Intention and release it with trust and knowing.
    3. Hold the vision of this occurring.
    4. Allow the Universe to bring your desires in its own way and in its own time. (Allow means you are okay with however the experience is.)
    5. Be aware of and respond to synchronicity in your life.

Be aware of and respond to synchronicity in your life - this step could be your missing piece!
Once you set your mind on what you want, you understand there is a gap between wanting it and getting there. You may feel that it would be helpful to figure out how to make it happen. Or you worry about it not happening. Stop. This is where you can get in your own way! In order for you to get there, it is the Universe’s job to conspire to make it happen - not yours. It is at this point where the Universe steps in to help bridge the gap for you.

There are often a lot of moving parts for the Universe to put people and places together for us. And sometimes, we miss them or were not open to them, as they didn’t fall within our expectations.

Living with synchronicity is an adventure. Something that takes hold of our awareness may only be the first step of the process. An encounter might lead to a needed introduction or to an opportunity for a valuable lesson. Be open to what crosses your path. Give new experiences a chance to resonate with you. If you face uncertainty, seek out the wisdom of your heart for further guidance.

Start paying attention to synchronicity!
On life’s journey, so much is brought to you by naturally being in the right place at the right time – but you have to be aware of it. Simple example: if you are sitting by your computer reading this, and all of a sudden you feel a palpable pull to take a break and go for a walk. You know you need to stay focused on your list of many things to do, but the pull continues. So instead of fighting it you let yourself go for a walk, even if it is at an odd time of day for you to do so. This is an important step. It is possible that at this same moment in time, with the same pull, another person who is linked to your success is also going to be walking where you are. Circumstances might naturally create an opportunity for you both to start talking. This piece of your success puzzle will now be complete. Then you’ll move onto another.

Synchronicity – putting two unlikely situations together in a meaningful way – is not always easy for your higher self and the Universe to make happen. And, the reason is you! Maybe you’re too busy to notice or if you notice, you are not open to it. Example: maybe something you read, if you were paying attention, would really stand out for you and could be an important piece of your discovery, solution, or direction. You might also be ignoring an intuitive idea that keeps bubbling up inside of you.

Take every opportunity that life presents to you. Don’t over analyze. Don’t be frustrated if it does not look like what you expected or does not occur all at once. Allow your intuition and heart to be open to exploring, even if it seems odd - even if you’ve NEVER done it before. None of that matters.

If it has your attention and you are drawn to explore what is there, even if you have no idea why - go for it. Just the mere fact that you are being drawn to do so, is an indication that you are on the right path to your success. Why? Because you are paying attention to synchronicity and you are trusting that something could be coming across your path.

As people or information come across your path, please remember to spend some time discerning if an opportunity is right for you. Not all experiences are planted there for your intentions. When you discern, your heart will let you know if you should continue to pursue or not – but you have to be open to seeing the opportunity first.

My message is simple: Start paying attention to synchronicity. Use your discernment. Start operating with synchronicity in your life! When you do, you will facilitate manifesting more quickly, and your life will also become more exciting and joyful!

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