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       February 2014

Solitary Work
Sacred & Powerful

For centuries people who were connected with God, the universe, and the earth took the time to do what is simply called ‘the work’.

In Native American cultures, young men and women would travel alone to a remote spot of the earth for their transformational vision quest. Each would seek his or her own name and own life’s purpose, through solitary prayer, fasting, and dreaming.

Throughout the history of native cultures, people would take the time to do inner work. Some traveled to remote deserts to accomplish healing and connectedness through the discipline of sand painting. Although the designs vary tremendously, they all start the same way - by drawing a sacred circle in the sand. Then the person would sit within it, and while in a meditative state would receive the designs to draw in the sand. They knew the sand painting would be temporary art, lasting only until the winds and rains erased it. Still the work was done with a deep knowing of the importance and magic in the act of doing it. They understood that through meditation and intention, their work would be clearly heard and responded to. This was most often done for the purpose of healing oneself, someone else, or humanity at large. Since healing means ‘to become whole’, the work might also result in a deeper understanding of self and purpose.

How often do you take time to do ‘the work’? How much do you trust the power and magic of your own intention, thoughts, and actions?

I am finding that more and more people are sincerely interested in taking the time to attend one of my events. This was not the case several years ago. I take this as a sign that people are searching for help to get in touch with themselves and connect with something bigger than their daily lives.

I personally take at least one day a month to do ‘the work’. Sometimes I have a focus on enhancing my energy through Qigong and Yoga intermixed with meditation. Other months, it is a day of mediating, receiving information, and expressing it through writing or drawing. My creative expressions from these days are stored in a large drawing tablet in the closet. They are not something that I look at, or even think about often. However, I knew the moment that I drew them they were coming from inside of me – teaching me, healing me, and creating something powerful for me!

Doing ‘the work’ can also come from creative arts, meditation, dreams, direction from spirit guides, journaling, books, and so much more. I recommend having your wand, rattle, drum, or other symbols that are important to you on hand. Also, include any rituals that you enjoy like lighting candles, saging your space, calling in your favorite guides, or making a small altar. ‘The work’ is a special experience for you, and only you can discover the best way to achieve that experience.

Why not take time this month to do your own sacred and powerful work? Winter is the perfect season for going within. Arrange a spot where you can be alone and uninterrupted. Ground yourself in Source energy. Breathe in the energy that will support your work. Allow yourself to be in harmony with the elements. Trust God and the Universe to guide you. Then let the day flow and enjoy your own brand of healing magic.

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