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        December 2013

Let Integrity Guide You

Most have an idea of what integrity means; being honest, trustworthy, or kind. Yet, there is an alternate definition of integrity meaning 'wholeness’. When someone lives with integrity, they think and act from the whole, they choose to live consciously. Understanding this aspect of integrity can be life changing, greatly affecting how each day is approached, even the hectic days leading to Christmas.

What does thinking and acting from the whole mean? To operate a life with integrity, one must carefully evaluate the implications of all thoughts, decisions, and actions before executing them.  If a thought, decision, or action could create a negative effect on others or the world, a person of integrity will not think that thought, make that decision, or take that action.

Here is how it works: ask, “Does the decision I am about to make have any possible negative impact on myself or my life?”  If the answer is no, then expand the question to, “Does it have any possible negative impact on other people, organizations, the earth, animals, plants, water, or air?” A “yes” answer to any aspect of these questions shows that the decision is not the right one to make.

It is an easy formula to use, but why isn’t followed? Thinking from the whole can mean making choices that are not popular, understood, or valued by others. Those living consciously in integrity must muster up the courage to live their choices in spite of what others do or think.

Take some personal alone time during this holiday season to activate the courage from within. One can use this time to dig deep inside and become in touch with who they really are, discovering what is truly important to them - not others - but their own selves. Once connected with this authentic direction, it is easier to rally the courage to think and live differently without concern about what others think. This is a life-changing gift that people are able to give to themselves; no one can do it for them.

The good news is once someone is committed to living with integrity, the need for courage dissipates. The courage, which was initially needed, will naturally evolve into a sense of self-empowerment, and empowerment will further evolve into a quiet confidence.

There are many gifts when one thinks and lives with integrity. When a person operates with integrity they naturally become leadership in action; demonstrating a commitment to a higher standard of living, inspiring others to do the same. People can see the difference when someone makes choices that are driven from inside of themselves versus solely from external norms and beliefs.

Although it is easy to think that one person’s actions can’t have the wide reaching effects like those of someone in the public eye, the positive effects of each individual’s choices are the same.  By simply learning to focus on leading one’s own life by thinking and acting from the whole, each person can have a huge impact on the world around them. The ripple effect is far reaching. If everyone lived with integrity – ‘thinking and acting from the whole’ – the world would certainly be a better place.

Live consciously.  Live with integrity.

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