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        December 2014

Allow Bliss to Enter this Holiday Season

In 2010, I experienced my first White Christmas - it actually snowed on Christmas day!

As the snow ended that night, I connected with the energy and the awesome brilliance of the sky. It was a brilliant white glowing light! I received a wonderful universal message that I want to share with you.

Bright white light filled the night sky. It was luminous, vibrating with magnificence and peace.

How can this be at night? How can the sky be white?

The snow covered ground and trees reflect back the white light of the sky, making the entire landscape incredibly powerful - powerful in its serenity.

No breeze or sound -just the soft snow falling in the stillness of the light.

“What time of day is this?”

“It’s no time. It is sacred time. It is the time for magic, for love, for fulfillment, for completion.”

I try to see a moon. I know it is there, under the clouds somewhere, but the sky is brighter than when the moon is exposed. Everywhere is white light energy, vibrating peace on earth and hope.

I sit in reverent silence and slip inside of me. The energy of this blessed evening enters the crown of my head. Its vibration of pure bliss tingles my head and my entire being, holding me in a trance.

I ask, ‘Oh white night, what message to do you bring to mankind?’

Put down the sword, put down the judgment, put down the struggle and the strife. Open up for peace; appreciate the true meaning and happiness of life. Do you really have to try so hard? Do you really need all that you think you need? Isn’t sitting in the peace of the white light of the evening sky more meaningful and enriching than most things you do in your life? Allow moments like these to occur and then allow them to occur more frequently. Let them touch your heart and soul. Let them teach you what you need to know. Let them hold you and love you. Let them enter you and become you.

Whatever your religious or spiritual preferences are - allow the space for love, bliss and hope to fill you and your life.
You will feel the transformation, the purity, the vibration, and the magic.

Much love to you this holiday season - Alice

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