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         August 2012

A Place for Spiritual Rejuvenation
We live on a magnificent planet where nature abounds, but do we but do we utilize Mother Earth spiritually?

How many of us take it for granted that we live on a magnificent planet with inspiring mountains, lush valleys, healing beaches, enlivening waterfalls, calming lakes, contemplative forests, grounding parks, energizing green spaces, and more? We live here, but do we utilize these wonderful spots of nature spiritually?

Have you ever noticed the perfect rhythm, the balance of waves lapping the beach? Alternatively have you been enthralled by the harmonious balance of a quiet forest that has an energizing stream or river flowing through it? These are nature’s expressions of the perfect union of the ‘male’ action (waves or river) and the ‘female’ receiving (beach or forest) energies.

The same balance exists when the presence of the fiery sun’s rays is tempered by a light breeze. The breeze is able to offset the heat of the sun with a gentle force – something for us to emulate.

This balanced energy provides a platform for us to connect with our ‘I am’ presence that lies within. It is also provides a model for the perfection that all of us can attain, when we balance the male and female aspects of our selves.

All of this can be enhanced by the four elements of nature that come together in a multitude of inspiring ways, forming unique spaces that hold something special for you.

The elements of our universe are:
- earth (sand, dirt, rock)
- fire (sun)
- water (lake, river, waves)
- air (breeze, wind)

How often do you meditate in nature? When you do, you open yourself to a strong, magnificent, and meaningful connection. The guidance and knowing received is always clear. Bring a notebook with you to record any thoughts, feelings, or images that come to you.

How often have tried manifestation work while outside on the earth? This sacred space provides universal support during co-creating work. Some Native American traditions would draw in the dirt and the sand what they wanted to manifest. They knew that their creations would be temporary; lasting only until the rain, surf, or winds destroyed it. However, they never doubted the absolute effectiveness of this powerful work. Along with meditation and intent, the action of creating physical representations of their intentions in the earth helped set them into motion and propel their manifestations.

How often have you watched the sunset and asked for its special message for you? Start by sending a beam of light from your heart to the energy of God’s glorious creation in the sky. Ask for its message for you. Spend time with its energy and be open to receiving whatever presents itself. The sun energy is powerful and very supportive of the earth and who exist here.

I have received amazing messages from sunsets, ranging from a strong knowing to an outpouring of writing in my notebook.

How often have you used a spot of nature to heal yourself or to do healing work for others? The support of the universe stands tall in nature for all healing. Start by saluting the four corners and then call in the four elements. This creates a sacred space in which something special can occur. Clear yourself, your thoughts, and your emotions of all that no longer serves you. Ask Mother Earth to take what has been cleared, to absorb all the negativity from you. Visualize and feel this happening. If you are near water, ask the water to wash over you – cleansing, healing and nourishing you. Visualize and feel this happening. Ask the knowing breeze and the creative heat of the sun to offer new ways of being to replace the old. Allow the new to enter, absorb it, and make it part of yourself.

Why not experience your own rejuvenation at your favorite spot of nature? Pick a quiet time of day that allows nature’s voice to be easily heard within its environment. Enjoy the time. Relax and let the experience flow as it needs to. You will not only feel renewed, but also deeply connected to the earth, God, the Universe, and all that is.

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