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        April 2015

Trusting Your Inner Voice & Using It!

In ‘Harnessing Your Inner Voice’, I shared how to go to your heart for wisdom and guidance. I hope those ideas and exercises help you cultivate your inner voice – your unique brand of wisdom. Now that you are receiving personal guidance from your inner voice, what do you do with it? This follow-up article will help you recognize the importance of trusting and listening to the inner wisdom you glean.

It can be difficult to act on the information from your inner voice. Why is it hard to follow the voice of your heart - your authentic perspective?

One reason: The whole world lives primarily from their mind - focusing on constant over analysis to assess which choice is good or bad. When we courageously step out to follow our inner voice against ‘rational reasoning,’ opposition from friends and family is common, because they view our choices from a place of logical assessment. The decisions that our inner voice may guide us to are not always the most logical.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, I received guidance from my inner voice to step outside of a traditional medical path and to use my own practice of cellular level healing to heal myself. Following this guidance, I successfully overcame my challenging diagnosis. During my self-healing many of my friends and family felt it was necessary to continually tell me how I was wrong, going as far as planning an intervention. Although well intentioned, they were pumping fear into me on a regular basis.

It is hard to move ahead with inspired plans when such strong opposition comes from loved ones. Just as it takes practice to listen to your inner voice, it also takes practice to trust that your received inner wisdom is the best choice at any given moment. It is amazing how choices made using your innermost guidance always seem to work out, even when they seem unlikely or unconventional. My self-healing path with breast cancer was no exception. My healing was successful and remains solid since 2007. If you decide to follow your inner voice’s guidance, be prepared for well-meaning opposition.

When stepping to the beat of your inner drummer, opposition will also present itself from your own habit way of being. This inner opposition originates from your ego by manifesting as a fear, worry, or doubt. It is best to courageously acknowledge that those fears exist and then move forward in spite of them. With practice, this becomes easier to accomplish, especially as you start to experience the positive results from trusting and following your inner guidance. Not only will it always work out, but the results are usually better than what you have envisioned!

Try this process first with non-critical decisions to experience the ease and perfection of trusting your inner guidance. As you become accustomed to the process and the gifts it yields, it is easier to apply to big life decisions without fear. Each time it gets easier to accomplish and not having fear around feels great!

Why is it challenging to follow your inner voice, even when you have used this process? What could be hindering the process?

The answer is essentially 'a fear of the unknown’ - something that has been hard wired into most of us. Let's face it, when you make a decision based on inner wisdom, it feels like the unknown. It isn’t the way you traditionally operate and it requires trust. It is paramount to trust the process as it unfolds - being okay with not knowing what is next. Once you become comfortable allowing the process to unfold, comfortable with the unknown, the process has room to rapidly manifest without fear intervening.

When fear is present, it is impossible to fully trust and surrender to the unknown. Although it might seem odd, it is common to be comfortable operating from a place of fear. Whether it is the fear of not being good enough, the fear of looking foolish, the fear of not being successful, the fear of making the wrong choice, the fear of trying something new, or the fear that I am making up what I receive – all fears should be challenged, so authentic trust can exist within you.

We each have personal triggers to recognize and overcome as we challenge the fear in our lives. Even for those well on their spiritual journey, it can still creep in. My best advice is to get out of your own way and not let fears, doubts, or worries interfere with the course set by your innermost spiritual guidance.

If your life appears unhappy or unfulfilled, and you find that it feels safer to stay with how it is, there is likely a fear or worry behind it. Experience the freedom and joy that comes with trusting the guidance from your inner voice. Following that guidance will lead you to the best choice possible for you, at this time in your life!

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