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        April 2012

Our Body – Our Temple

Have you ever noticed how people take better care of their cars or boats than their bodies?

They may never miss an oil change, a fluid check, or a scheduled tire rotation. Yet, they choose to ignore a healthy routine to maintain their bodies, seldom eating vegetables or drinking pure water. Even worse, they may constantly consume fast food, sugary drinks, or lead an inactive lifestyle.

If a car manual says an oil change with four quarts of oil every three months, we do it. However, when we know that we need to take a certain supplement or be more active, we blow it off! Certainly our bodies are more important than our cars? Unlike a car that can be replaced, this is the only body we have. If we don’t take care of it, who will?  

Perhaps the reason we treat our bodies poorly is value based. We know how much a vehicle costs; we understand the risk of not following the manual’s advice on upkeep. Are we taking our physical form for granted? Maybe if we could climb out of our body, put a price tag on it, and park it in the garage we would treat it better.

Your body absorbs your wear and tear, much like a car, over time it will break down. Modern medicine can only do so much once the damage has been done. There isn’t a magic pill that a doctor can give us to fix whatever abuse we have given to our bodies over the years. The best thing we can do to minimize and even reverse the harm that we’ve done to our bodies is to take better care of ourselves.

We are not our physical body; we are spirit. Our body is our temple, our home. Honor yourself everyday by treating your body with respect. The formula is simple: Send your body love and positive messages. Consume pure water and healthy food. Engage in light exercise. This will go a long way to helping our bodies stay vital and healthy throughout our lives.

It is important to value both yourself and your body.
Take care of your temple - your body - and it will take care of you!

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