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         December 2010

A Holiday Gift For You! 

 There are several gifts that only you can give yourself.

• Eating healthy
• A good exercise routine
• Taking the time for daily prayer & meditation
• Establishing a whole relationship with yourself

You are the only person who can do these things for you. All are powerful gifts that have a positive effect on you.

However, there is one more gift that seldom appears on the list; one that I invite you to give to yourself this holiday season.

• Sending Love to yourself and your body

This gift costs no money and takes little time, yet has amazing rewards.
Holding the vibration of love and love based emotions within your body greatly affects all parts of you.

• Enhancing your ability to manifest
• Increasing your body’s ability to heal and maintain optimum health
• Increasing your connection with the sacred vibration of earth
• Facilitating sending positive signals from the brain to every cell in your body
• Enabling your Chi energy – the energy from the Divine – to flow freely through your body
• Increasing your intuition, wisdom, and creativity
• Boosting your immune system

When you love yourself, including the child within, it is very healing and affirming. Unfortunately, it is possible to become bogged down in fear or fear based emotions, like worry, anxiety, or doubt. This Holiday Season, tap into your ability to change all of this, by giving yourself the gift of Love.

It is okay to start small; try sending yourself love every morning or every night before bed.  Consciously and intentionally send your self and your body the emotion of love. Include love based emotions like joy, peace, bliss, acceptance, and freedom. It may be helpful to use a trigger like thinking about a newborn baby, sunsets, flowers, cartwheels, your favorite furry friend, or special people so you actually begin to feel the emotion sweep over you. The most important thing is to use what resonates deeply within you.

Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Create the emotion of love and send it to your heart. Fill your heart fully with this emotion. Then see/feel your heart sending these emotions to your brain, and your brain transmitting it to every cell in your body – filling you with the higher vibration of love.
This simple exercise, done regularly, can be life changing. Do not be surprised if you start doing it in the middle of the day as well!

Give yourself the best this Holiday Season. Give yourself and your body Love.

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