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        February 2012

The Dawning of a New Day
The next step in spiritual mastery.

I went through a period in my life of feeling neutral. It wasn’t a strictly negative experience, in fact I was peaceful, steady, and centered. However, I was not joyful and I was becoming used to feeling this way. The neutral energy had become my norm.

Neutral can be good; it means you have succeeded at keeping negative emotions and thoughts from being part of your existence. This is a truly elevated way to be, a great achievement in your self-mastery. It takes great skill to live in an ongoing steady and peaceful manner, no matter what is happening in the world around you.

Yet, what is life without joy? If a feeling of being neutral enters your life, as it did mine, understand that it is up to you to be joyful. As you exercise your ability to create joy, it becomes easier to be joyful.

As I came to understand that I was feeling neutral, I spent time reflecting upon what might be blocking my ability to be joyful. Facilitating my own transformational session, I cleared the blockage and set the intention that I would become joy each day. I declared from deep within that I wanted joy for myself and the planet, I wanted the elevated lightness that joy brings to my being, and I wanted the spiritual ascension that joy facilitates!

All during the rest of that day and night, I still felt neutral. Even the weather seemed neutral. The sky wasn’t black with storms, and it wasn’t blue with sunshine, it was a neutral continual gray.

I woke up the next day still feeling neutral. Then magic happened. I walked into a room that has a wonderful view of the mountains. As I looked out, my breath caught in my chest. In an instant, I felt joy, hope, and renewal flood through me. The sun was starting to burn off the gray fog that hung over the mountains, much like how the neutral feeling was leaving me. As I was taking everything in, a thought entered my being, ‘the dawn of a new day.’ I watched as the fog and grayness gradually, ever so gradually, disappeared. My spirit soared with the hope that the dawning of a new day can bring. I felt that joy could and would be in my heart, always. It was incredible.

The Universe had listened to my intentions and my higher spiritual self helped me understand the importance of that moment; the rest would now be up to me. With gratitude, I spent 80% of that day engaged in things that brought me joy. Wow! How invigorating! One of the best ways to receive what you want is to start becoming it each day, and soon it will become your new way of being. The tool of becoming is powerful!

As you walk the path of self-mastery, mastering your negative thoughts and emotions, be aware of what emotional state enters next. Is it something uplifting?

Become what you want most in life! For me, that is joy. After spending years focusing on becoming peace, my desire is to exude the vibration of joy! Whether you are at the beginning of your mastery journey or well on your way, always reach for the higher thought or emotion. Reach for a higher place to be.

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