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      December 2009

Laughter: A Good Prescription for the Holidays!

I recently attended a live comedy show that provoked laughter from the audience throughout the show. It dawned on me just how good it felt to laugh for such a long time. This experience inspired me to research the power of laughter.

My conclusion: Laughter isn’t just fun. It is good medicine for you, your soul, and your body.

Chances are you spend a lot of time walking around with a stressful expression on your face. Life can often be hard, but it is also woefully lacking in laughter. Truth be known, we could all use a lot more fun in our lives!

Psychologists have found that laughing at our selves and our problems delivers an empowering sense of detachment, diminishing the emotional and physical damage stress can cause. It provides a physical release for accumulated tension and helps put a fresh perspective on our troublesome problems. Laughter puts us back in control of our lives.

There are medical advantages of laughter as well. In one extensive scientific study, it was found that laughter could lower heart rates and blood pressure. There was also an increase in T cell activity, stimulating the immune system’s response to infected cells. Laughter even releases feel-good endorphins into our system, and it has been documented that it helps prevent and diminish panic attacks. Some hospitals are becoming allies of laughter, providing therapeutic clowns to interact with the patients.

Okay, by now you get the message that laughter is good for you. The question becomes, “How do I get more laughter in my life?”

1. Lighten up! Don’t take yourself, or your life, so seriously. Take the time to put a lighthearted spin on things that you would usually interpret as negative. Give yourself permission to laugh at anything you need to.

2. Make a list of all the things, activities, or situations that give you a lot of pleasure and make the world seem less serious. Incorporate one of these into your life each day!

3. Seek out entertainment that makes you laugh. Think of all the movies you watched that really gave you a belly laugh or made you laugh until you cried. Rent or view a least one of these movies each week.

4. Think of the people you know who have a good sense of humor. Make a commitment to see them more often.

5. Share your embarrassing moments with other people. Laugh with people when they laugh.

6. How about animals that make you smile? Spend more time with those cute furry friends.

7. Practice laughing 5 minutes a day. Fake it until you make it. Buy and listen daily to a tape of laughter, a laugh box, or a laughing toy.

8. Wear a smile. It puts you closer to laughing.

9. Laugh at yourself! Amuse yourself with your own sense of humor.

10. Cultivate your innate playfulness – let your inner-child out to play! Do at least one silly, non-conforming thing a day. Be creative with fun, and make sure you have fun.

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and happiness, yet they often become a time of great stress and difficulty. I recommend that you bring more laughter into the holiday season. With laughter, your holiday season will be filled with happiness, and a sense of lightness and joy!

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